Somoto Toolbar Monetizer

Posted on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 at 7:20 am by shauli

Somoto Toolbar Monetizer

Somoto provides the tools needed by software developers to turn their software programs into a solid revenue generator. We brings software developers and Tier 1 advertisers together bundling their software together. Somoto then builds an installer which will be integrated with the download. Somoto has several different installers, each one providing a different benefit, but all of them are easy to install, and do not require much time or work from the developers side.

When someone downloads the original program, they will be given the option to also download the advertised product or toolbar. Should they choose to accept the offer; the Software Developers will earn revenue from the download. The amount of revenue varies based on several different factors, such as number of monthly downloads and geographical location of the downloads. 

Customized Toolbar

Somoto also gives the option to use a customized toolbar. With this option, since there is no 3rd party product, there is no revenue that can be generated from an end user downloading the toolbar. In this case the toolbar can integrate key components of the software, and have links tracking back to their site. This will make it easier for the user to access the program, and can also help turn him from a trail or free user, into a full paying user.

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