Where Should I Launch My New Mobile App?

Posted on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 at 2:10 pm by shauli

Where to Launch your app?
Developers of mobile apps have to make the tough decision of which platform they will focus their attention on when creating a new application. The leading developers for applications are iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), as well as Android smartphones. When deciding where your developing efforts will be focused, you may wonder if you should pick on over the other, or focus on supporting both. Developers may also consider the less popular mobile app platforms, such as Blackberry and the Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

Making this decision is dependent upon a number of other questions. Any developer much decide what it is that is the most important aspect of having their app on a certain platform. Some might say the most important is working with a platform which is shipping a greater number of devices. Others might be concerned with overall usage time, or the size of the installed base. Answers vary across the board and it is up to you, as the developer of these new mobile apps, to determine which variables are most important to you.


Data supports the idea of there being a platform market share, with an increase of Android devices on the market as compared to iOS devices. However, when looking at the actual amount of online usage, iOS devices still dominate. Studies also show that iOS users are more willing to purchase apps than Android users, even though apps on iOS are relatively more expensive than those on other platforms.

It seems as though data supports the best option of a platform for a mobile app to be iOS. However, keep in mind when deciding which platform(s) to work with, that there is a variety of different variables to be considered.

Know what your end goal is and do research on the varying platforms in order to launch the most successful application imaginable.

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