Google Remarketing: Smart or Just Annoying?

Posted on Thursday, October 18th, 2012 at 2:17 pm by shauli

google remarketingGoogle has been making many changes to keep up with the technological advances of their competitors. Google’s remarketing tools make it easier to contact people that visit your website. Basically, if a person is even on a website for a mere second, a cookie will be planted into their system, and then advertisements will begin to appear all over the internet.

Although this system has been proven to work for online companies, the question is whether it is a great idea at a low cost, or just another item to add to online annoyance.

In theory, Google Remarketing seems like a fabulous idea. However, this concept of remarketing is hard to measure because it is quite possibly inaccurate. If these remarketing ads are sent to 1000 people that visited your site without buying something and then 100 people decided to buy from your site, it may be that they were already going to purchase that product, with or without the banner ads running across their screens.

One main point to consider here is that people may become agitated with ads from your business running across the screen of every new window that they open. This may have a counter-effect on your pool of possible buyers, who are now put off and unwilling to purchase anything from banner ads.

Most of the data that has been collected shows that online shoppers are indifferent to this new remarketing approach of Google. Those that oppose it complain that they are only exposed to a select number of banner ads, and some of them are from companies of which they are already members or shoppers. Some people have been impressed to find remarketing all over the internet, even on highly respected sites such as The Washington Post. Others whom have noticed Google’s remarketing have commented on the perseverance of the company, and were ultimately not bothered by the consistent ads running on each page. Just know that whether you are for or against remarketing on Google, the ads will keep following you all over the internet.

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