Writing on the Internet for the General Public

Posted on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 at 3:34 pm by shauli

The literacy level of people that can read is wide and although some people are literate, they may struggle through an article that contains big words or longer sentences. Almost half of the adult population in the United States is classified as below average on the literacy scale. It can be assumed that this statistic would span across many other countries throughout the world.

This has a huge effect on the way should writing on the internet. Internet writers must consider that half of the adult population may struggle through complicated writing and that many websites are written at a level that may be too advanced for the public. Obviously, writing for the internet depends on what it is you are writing about or what you are trying to promote.

Excluding half of the population is never a good business strategy, so we have listed a few tips to ensure that everyone can benefit from your website.

1. Remember that a low literacy rate does not equate a low IQ. There are many reasons why people struggle to read, yet this does not account for their level of intelligence.
2. Place the most important information on your page at the top rather than becoming too wordy with lengthy paragraphs that may steer people always from your site.
3. Animation, flashy images, and mom-out menus are easy distractions from the content on your webpage. Keep the page simple and clean and utilize illustrations when they seem helpful.
4. Using an active voice will keep readers engaged. Remember to stay on topic and be concise.
5. >Make navigating your page simple and only utilize one navigation bar that will run consistently throughout each new window. Changing it up can becoming confusing and distracting. You have the ability to guide the reader where you want them to go on your site. Making headlines a larger font is a great way to keep a reader on task.

The most important tip is to know your target audience and understand that if a proportion of your audience reads at a lower level, utilizing these tips is a must. Try to meet the needs of your entire audience, not just a percentage of them. Following these steps will help you achieve just that.

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