Basic Tips for Online Marketing

Posted on Monday, November 5th, 2012 at 12:27 pm by shauli

When managing an online business, it is your job to make sure potential customers surfing the web do not look at your business as just another scam or money pit.  Unfortunately, history has proven that online shoppers are reluctant to commit to internet purchases due to untrustworthy sites that try to scam them out of the house and home.  For those that have been caught in a trap online, it’s going to take a whole lot of convincing to get them back in the saddle.

To make sure that these customers value your security and their own protection, focus on a successful marketing campaign.  When marketing your online business, make sure you understand that marketing on the internet is much different than any other medium.  Selling and advertising your services or products online is not similar to radio, TV, or print.  It’s a different beast, and different rules for successful marketing are required.  If your site is informative, interesting and easy to navigate, online customers are more likely to interact.

If you follow the rules associated with the four Ps, your marketing strategy will strengthen.  These tips are specific for online-based marketing.

Product:  Your product has to be something that people want or need, meaning that it must have some sort of value to the customer.  Some products are not suitable for online sales; however, software is a perfect product to sell over the internet.

Price:  By placing a specific value on the product being sold, the market has a strong hold on how much something will successfully sell for.  One must consider the difference between direct price and indirect prices, where an advertiser has influence on the price of the product.

Place:  This refers to the actual place where the items are sold.  On the internet, this place is a lot more ambiguous than a store front with one specific location.  Having a web-based company allows you to expand your customer base to a much larger geographical area.

Promotion:  Everything you do to make exchanges between you and your customer easier and smoother is a way of promoting your product, your services, and your brand.  Do not assume that if you succeed in promotion that all of the other Ps will fall into place.  Make sure you balance all sides of online marketing to increase marketing, advertising, sales, and public relations for your company.


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