Successfully Marketing Your Software to Potential Customers

Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 1:35 pm by shauli

All software, in some way or another, is solving a problem.  Even if your software is a game or some sort of entertainment, it is solving the problem of boredom.  Knowing this and applying it to your marketing strategy can be very useful.  When your software helps customers solve their problems, they will begin to not only trust your product but your company as well.  With trust comes frequency in purchases and verbal advertising to friends and family.  Your existing clients are your best marketers, so gain their trust while providing them with way to solve their frustrating problems.

One way to get the ball rolling is to write a number of different blog posts that may have to do with a problem one would use your software to fix.  You do not have to give away everything, but providing a little bit of helpful information that will not take the place of the software will peak the customer’s interest.  For example, let’s stay you are selling anti-virus software.  By writing a few blogs about how to manually get rid of threats, the customer will find that you and your company are sincere in helping fix their problems.  Be sure to mention that fixing the coding is complicated and it is much easier to purchase your anti-virus software instead!

No matter what type of software you are selling, it is important to keep your blog posts simple, easy to read and professional.  Simple does not necessarily mean shorter, but write in a language that is not complicated for people that are not familiar with software jargon.  The last thing a potential customer wants to do when they have a problem to solve is read through a complicated and difficult article, only to come out more confused than they were before.  Become a trustworthy resource for them, not just another site they click out of three sentences into it.


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