Product Positioning Makes Your Business Shine

Posted on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 at 12:50 pm by shauli

If you want your business to stand out among the rest, use these helpful product positioning tips to differentiate your company from others.  Product positioning means that the message you are sending out is specific to the beliefs, feelings, and emotions of the specific audience you are hoping to attract.  It doesn’t seem all that difficult, but it is not something that many businesses pull off successfully.  As a company, whether online or not, you want to appeal to your target audience as the best viable option for the services you are providing or the product you are selling.

Product positioning is not about tacking a #1 in front of anything you write about your business.  Anyone can do that, and believe me, they do.  This tactic might bring in traffic, but you cannot count on this meaningless marketing to create long-lasting success for your business.  Every company says that they are the best and are #1 in their field; rather than following the crowd, give the potential customers reason to believe that you are the best without having to spell it out for them.  Set yourself apart by communicating clearly and specifically about how your business is different and how your services will provide the customers with everything they would ever want, and more.  Let them decide for themselves if your business is right for them, without shoving it down their throats.

Most of the time, people purchase things based on the value they put on it, rather than the price tag.  Make sure that the message you are conveying increases the value of your product.  Offer customers something unique about your business that makes your business stand out among the rest but do not risk making bold guarantees that you cannot live up to.  Bring in customers with a guarantee for top-of-the-line value and service, rather than cutting prices to increase traffic.

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