4 Ways to Keep Customers from Clicking Out of Your Website

Posted on Sunday, December 30th, 2012 at 3:40 pm by shauli

1. Keep in mind the fact that a computer monitor is not a newspaper and these days, most people are sitting in front of a computer screen reading for hours, e-mails, blogs, newsletters, and catching up on the news. People are now blinking less and are left with dry, sore eyes. Because of this, people have shorter attention spans and will click off of a page just as easy as they got there. Once a potential customer clicks off of your page, it is almost impossible to get them to return. So don’t wait! Your time is limited so make the time you do have count. Put your best foot forward and convey your message at the top of page rather than making people scroll down.

2. Don’t write long texts and expect people to take anything away from it. First of all, most people will skip right over large texts and others will not take the time to decipher the message you are trying to convey. Make the layout of your page simple, yet eye-catching. Use graphics and tables, but leave a lot of white space as to not crowd the page. Use bullets and make sure your wording is short and to the point.

3. When customers are on your site, they may feel compelled by what you are offering. Using call to action phrases such as ORDER NOW and CLICK TO BUY will direct users of what to do next. Don’t leave them guessing, because as soon as they feel confused, they are out of there. It is important to get them to act now, as opposed to in the future. Get them while they are there. Do not ask them to buy, insist upon it.

4. Make sure your website contains all information possible. Potential buyers want to feel secure and safe when using their credit card online. Make them comfortable by providing information about network security, system compatibility, and information protection.

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