Examples of Excellent Brand Journalism

Posted on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at 1:38 pm by shauli

Brand journalism has been a hot topic for a while now, and there has been some debate over whether or not it is a good way to be spending a company’s time, energy and money.  However, if brand journalism is done right, it can be an effective tool of communication and money well spent.  So many companies participate in this form of journalism, but few do it so well that it is memorable for a long time and the message they are delivering is useful, original and effective.  Check out these examples where brand journalism has been done right and take what you can to apply it to your own company.

Boeing Commercial, out of Seattle, has taken blogging to the next level.  Randy Tinseth is the VP of Marketing for Boeing Commercial has dedicated a blog specifically to aviation photography.  The great thing about this approach to brand journalism is that it isn’t smacking you in the face with its obvious message.  It is subtle and personal and makes Boeing seem to have a bit of personality, when most people assume it is a sterile, cold corporation.  The blog doesn’t just focus on people interested in Boeing, but it pulls in people interested in photography, flying or just planes in general.  The blog really tries to stay away from featuring products or discussing services, and focus on planes and a behind the scenes glance at Boeing.  Subtly goes a long way in brand journalism for a company like Boeing.

Cisco is a worldwide company that specialized in communication and networking and is changing the way people collaborate and work together across the globe.  Every day they are publishing new content about trends in technology in their online newsroom, The Network.  One would think this space would plug the company all of the time, but they tend to shy away from that.  Rather, Cisco’s The Network focuses on relevant news about various industry subjects, such as mobility, connectivity, and networking.  Talking about newsworthy subjects without specifically promoting your company is a great way to use brand journalism.


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