3 Ways Improve Conversion Rates

Posted on Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 1:26 pm by shauli

For most e-commerce sites, just getting people onto your site isn’t enough, you need to convert the traffic into paying customers, or users who will download your free software, which has been monetized with BetterInstaller. Here are some tricks of the trade for getting peopel on teh fence to act now, and make that purchase or download.

Catch Them Off Guard:  People expect sales around the holidays and when things are out of season, but using the element of surprise to lure them in.  If they assume something will be discounted, when it is, they are not excited about it.  However, if they are not expecting it, even the smallest percentage off can make a customer overjoyed.  Try thinking outside of the box and make your discount a personalized effort, the customer will notice and your sales will increase as well.  Try sending out a handwritten holiday or birthday card with a discount included.  This may take some time, but it is worth it in the end to go that extra mile.  Instead of a blatant discount in the mail or online, offer them free shipping when they are checking out.  That surprise will be greatly appreciated and customers will be so happy about it, they will be willing to share the news with friends and family.

Make Customers Feel Nostalgic: Some companies have great success using advertisements and marketing campaigns that induce nostalgic feelings in their customers.  Thinking about the good times when we were younger is something that warms everybody’s heart.  Try appealing to this emotion through creating a warm atmosphere, using certain words, fashion, food, and styles. When you focus on making your customer feel comfortable and at ease, the more comfortable they will feel opening their wallets and supporting your business.

The Best Is Yet To Come: Guarantee the promise of hope in your product or service.  If the customer feels that your services will make their life better, you have got this in the bag.  Make sure your company sends the message that all of their desires will be fulfilled, and if it is genuine, they will respond well to it.

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