Advice on Effective Communication as a Manager

Posted on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 at 1:52 pm by shauli

Communication is an important element in managing anything, whether a relationship, a team, or a company. Many people think they communicate well, but they don’t realize that communicating is as much about listening as it is about speaking. Some really well run companies offer training to their employees about “active listening” or “reflective listening,” where the focus is on listening on an active level that involves acknowledgment of what the speaker is saying after it has been said. This is vital in effective and healthy communication within any company.

If your company does not offer any sort of training in effective listening and communicating, there are rules that you can keep in mind to help increase positive communication. There is a saying that we have two ears and one mouth, and that we should use them this way. This means that we should listen more than we talk and that makes for a better communicator.

Communication takes a lot of effort, so even though you may be a good listener, if you never have time to speak and listen to your employees, clients, and partners, your communication will weaken. This is especially true for management. When you have employees working on specific projects, it is wise to speak with them on a continuous basis. This not only encourages them and pushes them to meet deadlines and fulfill projects, but it also shows that you care and are supportive of the work they are doing. Being present regularly will also form a bond with your employees and they will trust you and will be more willing to come to you when they have a problem or an issue. With a closer connection to your workers, you will know any problem as soon as it happens and not have to wait for the information to get to you second-hand.

You can practice effective listening everyday with your employees. When they are open with their concerns, the most important thing you can do is listen to them and do what you can to help alleviate the problem.

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