Twitter for Beginners

Posted on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 at 11:04 am by shauli

There was a time when I believed that Twitter, like MySpace, was a fad that wouldn’t have long term success. I couldn’t have been more wrong, Twitter continues to grow, and if used correctly, is a great medium for driving traffic to your website.

Strong Profile – Your profile should include a short description about your interests, business, and what you are looking for. Include keywords or phrases that are important to you.  Twitter also allows you to include a backlink to your website, this is an authority link, and will help your SEO.

Picture- One of the worst things you can do in the Twitterverse is to leave the default egg picture as your icon. People don’t usually take egg people seriously, and they are usually viewed as spammers. Whether you use a picture of you, or a company logo depends on the kind of tweeting you’ll be doing.

Build a following- It’s better to have 100 followers who are interested in your tweets, then 100,000 who aren’t. There are several ways to build a relevant following:

1. Check out your competitors. Twitter allows you to see who is following whom, so you can scroll through your competitors followers, and see who they are following, and start following them. Often times people will follow back users who follow them.
2. Search based on keywords. Enter a search onto twitter for a specific phrase and see who is tweeting about a certain topic. For example if you are a MP3 converter, do a search for “MP3 Converter” and you’ll see everyone who has tweeted that phrase, or has it in their profile.
3. Tweet. People search for users who tweet things that interest them. If you want real followers, and not bots that will follow anybody, post good content and allow others to find you.
4. Hashtags. Hashtags, or a word written with a # before it (eg. #InboundMarketing) is another method people use to categorize their tweets, and make them easily searchable.
5. Join the conversation. Don’t just tweet out links to your latest blog post or website over and over again. People will either unfollow you, or just not pay any attention to your tweets. Just like in real life, you have multiple interests, so to on Twitter you should tweet on a variety of topics, and people will be more inclined to follow you, interact with you and share your content to their followers.

There are many different twitter application that can be downloaded on computers, tablets and mobile devices. There are pros and cons to each ones, some allow you to schedule tweets, multiple user names and easy search options are just some of the benefits to using an app as opposed to going to and tweeting from there.

Getting a  lot of quality followers doesn’t happen overnight, it will take some time.  Don’t get discouraged and quit tweeting after just a few days. Stick with it, continue following relevant people, tweet your content and watch as your followers start to increase.

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