Independent Software Developers: Monetization in a World of Open Source

Posted on Monday, August 5th, 2013 at 1:25 pm by shauli

Independent software developers create a product in hopes that it will be utilized by many for a long time. This leads to their main goal, which is probably the mission of any business person, which is to make money. What is the point of creating a business if you can’t keep it running? The monetization of intellectual property must be a priority for independent software developers. However, these days it seems even harder to find the right tools to monetize your software. HTML5, free apps available to anyone anywhere with the use of the latest and greatest smartphone, and the growth of the cloud has made it a bigger challenge to make money off of a product that may be offered somewhere for free online.

It is not the end of the story for fellow software developers such as yourself. Because of this progression toward open source software, solutions for monetizing software have been rapidly suggested and tested. Experts say that the one of the biggest technology trends right now to really be reshaping the market is the concept of everything going mobile.

There are many reasons why the evolution of the mobile phone has so much of an effect on the path technology is taking and that is because of just how saturated the market is with smartphones. Sure, tablets may be a new trend, but nothing comparable to the smartphone. No matter if it is an Android, or an iPhone, everyone has got one and everyone is always connected. At Somoto we have seen this seismic change in the market, and we’ve adapted our monetization solutions to work with mobile applications as well. As an independent software developer, it is your job to consider what is looming on the horizon and what the next step in software technology is.

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