3 Steps to Extraordinary Customer Service

Posted on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 1:01 pm by shauli

It’s true.  When a company has a tight budget, often customer service is the first thing to slip.  No matter what, this is unacceptable and even if the owner and CEO of the company have to be answering calls and sending e-mails to concerned customers, so be it.  Customer service isn’t something that can fall to the bottom of the list, because your customers are everything you’ve got and taking care of them is vital to your reputation.  A lot of companies have learned this the hard way, but you don’t have to because we have the top ways you can lead the way to the best customer service around.

1.  Two Solution Fix:  Never have just one answer for a problem because people will not settle for this.  Some customers will want an immediate fix to their problem, without considering preventative measures that might need to be taken as well to make sure this particular problem doesn’t happen again.  It is your job to present the customer with both of these options and recommend they comply with both of them to ensure their happiness with your company in the future.

2.  Don’t Make the Customer Feel Stupid:  It happens every time.  Before you answer the phone or e-mail, the customer is already infuriated and frustrated with having to deal with this problem.  Do not make them feel worse, even if it is likely that their computer is unplugged or something equally as careless.  Instead of asking them if they forgot to plug in or click into a page, reword your question so it seems as though it is something that may happen to everyone.  Remember that wording is everything and when you come off as helpful rather than threatening, it does not go unnoticed by your customer.

3.  The Customer IS Always Right:  In this business, even if it isn’t true, you must make them feel like it is.  Apologies go a long way, even if your company did nothing wrong.  Make your customer feel good about the relationship they have with you, even in times of stress, and they will keep coming back for more.

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