Boosting Your Conversion Rates

Posted on Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 at 1:41 pm by shauli

Regardless of your industry, higher conversion rates can never be a bad thing. Everyone is always searching for the best way to increase conversion, and to do it in a cost efficient way. What is the big secret to having a high conversion rate? The answer is simple…simplicity.

I remember my high school English teacher teaching the class about the KISS method – “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. I’ve also heard that it stands for “Keep It Simple and Straightforward.” Either way, that method is just as true with conversion rates as it was for passing high school English.

The easier it is for people to purchase something from your website, or join your mailing the more likely they are to complete the process.  I can tell you from personal experience that there have been times that I wanted to purchase something, but I couldn’t figure out how to complete the purchase. And I consider myself a pretty tech savvy guy, how about the people who might not have the know-how to search around and find your checkout page?

Why have someone click through 3 pages, when you can create 1 page that will accomplish the same goal. The more steps that are involved in signing up, the more chances you have of losing a customer, either through frustration or the potential for bugs in your in system.  If you want people to join your mailing list, or opt in to your website, make the button big, highly visible, and near the top of your page.

It sounds simple, but we often come across clients who, for one reason or another, don’t necessarily make it easy for consumers to convert to paying customers. Often times it’s something as simple as moving the download button to a more visible location or making the button stand out. We use the KISS philosophy when designing our installers and toolbars as well. We always ask, how will this help our partners improve their conversion rates, and we build our technology around the answer.

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