Is Facebook Ruining Social Media Marketing

Posted on Thursday, January 9th, 2014 at 11:51 am by shauli

The latest Facebook algorithm change can really hurt your social media marketing campaign. If you’re like most businesses than you already set up your Facebook page, and tried to go out and get as many “Likes” as you could. You post content, maybe run a contest, or just update your fans about sales, deals or anything else that will keep you relevant, and popping up in their news feed.

Now take a look at page insights that are provided by Facebook, look at the past half year, and the thing that will undoubtedly jump out at you is the sudden drop off in your reach, started sometime in December, and it hasn’t rebounded to it former levels. The cause of this is change in the Google algorithm that determines what will show up in the news feed.

Facebook had announced on their blog in the beginning of December that the upcoming change was to promote higher quality articles and stories in your news feed, and eliminate some of the “noise” or the latest memes that people were hoping would go viral. What they didn’t mention in the blog was how devastating this change would be to page owners, who according to one Social Media firm that analyzed nearly 700 posts from over 20 pages, dropped by an average of 44%.

The reasoning behind this change is simple, and I’m surprised that it took Facebook this long to implement the change. In essence, a Facebook page is a free advertising outlet for companies, and now Facebook is looking to monetize those posts.  Page owners have the option “boosting the post” for a fee to their fans, and thus increasing the profit margins for Facebook. The question that the business owners will have to start asking themselves I –  is it worth it. Will they be getting the best bang for their buck by boosting a post on Facebook, perhaps we’ll see more of a shift to Google+ by businesses.

It will be interesting to see the changes and the effects of this, and other changes that are coming, as we slowly start out here in 2014. But if there is one thing we’ve seen from online marketers, SEO’s and social media marketers is that they are a group that will adapt to their surroundings and they’ll find a way to keep on promoting their companies on the Social media landscape.

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