Software Distribution

Currently Somoto is powering over 10 million monthly installs around the globe. If you are a publisher and you are looking for a distribution that Somoto can be the solution. We bundle trusted 3rd party software in with our partners downloads. Whether you are looking to distribute a toolbar, homepage reset, white-space advertising, a program, it can be bundled in as part of the download package.

When the end-user downloads our partners software, he will be presented with the Somoto installer and be given the option to not include the bundled software. Once the user chooses to accept the whole package, your software will instantly be downloaded to their computer. Somoto’s development team has written an intelligent algorithm which will check the user’s computer to ensure that this software isn’t already on his system. It also runs a geographical check, to ensure that the software is going to its intended location.

If you are interested in hearing more about the options please contact us today!